Sunday, February 28, 2010

Janice 59/365 - Procrastination


Stacey 59/365

Baby #3!! This was not planned at all. But, what a nice surprise. This pic was taken after the lines had started to fade some but you can still see it.

Kirsten 59/365

Alex's first soccer game took place this morning. I love watching him run! While we were getting ready, he said, "I love soccer. It is my favorite sport because I get to run and kick the ball. It is more fun than baseball."

Jenn 59/365

The night before, I only got 2 HOURS of sleep! But, I hadn't 'seen' my girls in practically 2 days- so when Tenly kept asking to make a Strawberry Cake- we went and got the stuff and made it- even on only 2 HOURS of sleep! It was so worth it!

Robin 59/365

Shower #3 this past Sunday at Sheri's mom's house. I'm about showered off..I think I'm pretty clean now...

Jennifer 59/365

Woo hoo!!! No mail=no bills!!!!!

Rachel 59/365 - Procrastination

Natalie loves this placemat.  I got it at walmart for $1 and it's been great for keeping her mess off my table! 

I'm posting this in the 'procrastination' theme because it's taken me a week to get it posted.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rachel 58/365

My sister works at a hair salon.  I had to stop by there today to pick up something from her and Natalie begged Aunt Leigh to fix her hair in the "special chair".

Janice 58/365

my luxury pedicure

Robin 58/365 - Procrastination

Our garage...believe it or not, it was like this on BOTH sides several months ago. It was not like that until Sheri moved all her stuff to this house..hmmm.. I have been saying I will get it cleaned out before the baby gets here. It's not looking too promising.

Jenn 58/365

A very dear friend (the girls call her Aunt Chris), Christina came to visit from San Antonio.

Stacey 58/365

Kirsten 58/365

Alex's first soccer game took place this morning. I love watching him run! While we were getting ready, he said, "I love soccer. It is my favorite sport because I get to run and kick the ball. It is more fun than baseball."

Jennifer 58/365

Oh please let this be the last dreary day for a while. I need some sun!!!!!

The Theme

Hey girls... I really apologize for just now posting this.  I completely forgot about doing it. 

Robin picked this weekend's theme...... PROCRASTINATION.  

(LOL... I guess it's fitting that I just now posted it.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Janice 57/365


Jenn 57/365

Well, we DID IT! Gianna is pretty much potty trained! MY reward, a $65-75. raise a month!

Robin 57/365

Keeping me from getting

Kirsten 57/365

Mathew left me for the weekend. He is meeting a friend for a camping/biking/fishing weekend trip in Mississippi. He truly deserves a few days off with our crazy lives!

Jennifer 57/365 - Procrastination

I have been procrastinating about getting pics up. LOL!!!

Stacey 57/365

This is from a few months ago but I love it so much I had to post it.

Rachel 57/365

We ate at Cajun Steamer tonight.... the wait was crazy long, but the food was sooo worth it.  I had the Burbon Street Fettuccini.... delicious!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jenn 56/365

Rodeo Day at Tenly's school!

Janice 56/365

We are dog sitting for this little cutie.

Kirsten 56/365 - Procrastination

Ok, so this is what happens when my family PROCRASTINATES about putting oil in a car that leaks constantly. I got to pull their car with my car to their house at 11:00 tonight. (I know it is technically not a weekend pic, but it fit the theme perfectly!)

Jennifer 56/365

My mom's spoiled rotten Carin Terrier riding in the car.

Stacey 56/365

Even though I graduated from The University of Alabama we are an Auburn household. It looks like Madison may take a different path.

Rachel 56/365

Grabbed these today while I was at Walmart.  I'm soooo ready for Spring.  
On a sidenote... I'm working on my photoshopping skills with deleting backgrounds... thought I'd try it on this one.  Not perfect, but pretty good I think.

Robin 56/365

Sheri & I this past weekend...She makes me so incredibly happy :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rachel 55/365

Grilled Veggies...YUM!

Kirsten 55/365

I took the kids to visit at my cousin's house for a couple of hours this afternoon/evening. She has a little boy that is seven months younger than Alex. They are best buddies and love to play together. Tonight they played video games after a taco dinner.

Jennifer 55/365

Madison fell asleep in her jumparoo. Too sweet!!!!

Janice 55/365

After I got out of bed this morning. Maggie turned around and buried her nose under one of my pillows. It was very cute.

Stacey 55/365

Mason having a meltdown cuz his daddy wouldn't let him play with his lightsaber. Men and their toys. lol.

Jenn 55/365

Our National Woman's Retreat at the camp. This is 2/3- so much fun and great ministry- but I'll be so happy to get a full nights sleep when they're all over! This is our student choir performing.

Robin 55/365

Some of the shower loot. Man..I've got my work cut out for me going through all this stuff!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jennifer 54/365

My hubby put Madison's new crib together today. She seems to like it, now if I can bear to let her sleep in it and not in the pack n play in our room. LOL!!!

Stacey 54/365

Mason finds the strangest places to watch tv. That child is never boring!

Jenn 54/365

Dinner in front of a roaring fire! Love it!

Rachel 54/365

A couple years of up all night and a few thousand diapers later
That mistake I thought I made covers up the refrigerator...
Oh yeah, I love that little girl .

This song makes me cry every time I hear it. 

Janice 54/365

Cooper likes green beans too.

Kirsten 54/365

Alex and Aida made chocolate chip cookies with Grammy tonight for dessert. Aida was mesmerized by the mixer and she kept grabbing Alex's arm while he dumped in the flour. The cookies were delicious!

Robin 54/365

The cake at shower #2. It was delicious!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rachel 53/365


Jenn 53/365

I had some really cute pics- but this one has such a funny story behind it! While in San Antonio, we went to eat on the Riverwalk. While eating and having fun feeding the ducks- Tenly's cup fell in the water! She FREAKED out- like a major meltdown! Screaming (which my kids DO NOT do often b/c major consequences are given for any behavior like that), completely emotional b/c the ducks and/or the tour boats were going to get her cup! Our precious waiter went and fished that cup out of the water- it took him 15 minutes and he even had to walk around to the other side of the river- therefore he got quite a good tip and applause from the whole Riverwalk! You would of thought it was Lupe or I in the water!

Janice 53/365

We got Cooper's new car seat today. Time is flying!

Kirsten 53/365

She was laughing about receiving some of our food for dinner. She screams until you give her a bite off of our plate. This has been an issue for a few weeks now and keeps us entertained during dinner.

Stacey 53/365

We spent a beautiful after at the park yesterday! I am so over this cold weather. Hurry up Spring!

Jennifer 53/365

This caught my eye at Babies R Us today.

Robin 53/365

Today was a beautiful day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rachel 52/365

This is my awesome new desk at work.  I got this whole setup for only $50.  It's soooo much more organized than what I had before.  My desk is the main U shape with the black chair.  I set up the smaller desk with the green chair for my yearbook editor, Samantha.  She was super excited to have her own desk - and it was well deserved.  She's an awesome editor.  Joe and I spent 4.5 hours today putting this together and moving all my stuff from my old desk to this one.