Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kirsten 31/365 - Cowboys & Indians

Alex's favorite COWBOY show is The Lone Ranger. In the show, the Lone Ranger has a partner, an INDIAN named Tonto. Alex named his horse after Tonto's horse, Scout (they look just alike).. Apparently, my little COWBOY and his horse had a long day finding all the bank robbers.

Rachel 31/365

Kelly Ann the Elephant painting a picture during the Circus Pre-Show. 

Robin 31/365

An oldie but a goodie..An old softball pic from when I was playing at Auburn.

Jenn 31/365

Relaxing with Dad after church, they are such Daddy's girls! I'm not quite sure where I 'lost' them, but somewhere they wandered to Daddy!

Stacey 31/365

Brayden's lunch today. At least one of my kids eats vegetables!

Jennifer 31/365 - Cowboys & Indians

This is a belt/holster that her great-grandaddy had made for Madison's daddy. I think that it is a cowbow action style. Her daddy already has her first gun picked out. LOL!!!

Janice 31/365

Cooper helped daddy make Oreo fluff for dessert. He did not get to help eat it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kirsten 30/365

I got a new computer today! YAY!!! I have had my laptop for nearly five years, and it was s l o w (and it got a virus and the hard drive was dead). So, I bought a new one to be able to do some cool things and not have to wait forever. I typically get on it when the kids are in bed (our only quiet time).

Keep Submitting Photos

Hey Guys! Rachel hurt her back today and has been unable to get to a computer. Please continue to submit your photos and she will do her best to get caught up with the posting tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding! -- Kirsten

Jenn 30/365

Not only am I IN LOVE with my new bedroom furniture, but I got an INCREDIBLE deal on it! But, now I'm thinking i need to repaint- UGH!

Rachel 30/365 - Cowboys & Indians

This is Natalie's pony, Buttercup.  Buttercup was a present from Nat's Papa for Christmas 2008.  Natalie loves riding Buttercup when it's not so cold out.  For now, we have to settle for just visiting her. (Buttercup lives at my parents' house.)  Natalie will tell you that she's "a cowgurr and loves riding Butcut"

Stacey 30/365 - Cowboys & Indians

My cowboy and indian! The cowboy costume was from halloween 2 years ago and the indian stuff is from Brayden's thanksgiving musical in 3K last year. (:

Jennifer 30/365

My sweet Dixiedoodle. You can really see her cataracts in this pic : (. I just love Labs, they have got to be the sweetest dogs on earth.

Robin 30/365

At work..yes, on a Saturday :) This is pretty much my second family..these girls mean a lot to me. We ended up winning tonight..49-29!

Keri-Lyn 30/365

Harper got bored while scott was sleeping today and decided to eat the tv stand. :-(

Bad dog!

Janice 30/365 - Cowboys & Indians

I found this cowboy at the rodeo tonight. He was like the Caesar Milan of horses

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stacey 29/365

We started this tradition of making birthday shirts for my brother's birthday when Brayden was a baby. So every year we make the boys t-shirts and wear them out to dinner for their Uncle Matt's birthday.

Rachel 29/365

It's not a question.

Jenn 29/365

Tenly & Gianna decorating their Valentines Tree!

Robin 29/365

I finally got a new phone!!!!! The other one was literally falling apart.

Janice 29/365

I was trying to capture the following moment...

Cooper usually wakes up around 6:00 in the morning. I hear him cooing happily. I go in his room, turn the light on and call his name. He looks for me me and smiles so big when he finds me. It just melts my heart.

Kirsten 29/365

We have been trying to see this movie for a month. We could get babysitting, but it would sell out. So, we finally went tonight! I enjoyed it, especially in 3-D! I had a great evening with Mathew (it was definitely much-needed!).

Jennifer 29/365

My current nemesis: The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stacey 28/365

This was from last night but I couldn't resist. We love the circus!

Janice 28/365

I thought it would be interesting to take a picture of where I sit when I do my "blog work." Unfortunately I don't have a fancy phone to do it from...

Jenn 28/365

I probably shouldnt let them sit on top of tables, huh?

Robin 28/365

The reason I am a few days behind with my photos..I had to go in the hospital to have a procedure..I had been having some stomach issues, but so far so good! Plus, it was nice to have a day off of work..who cares if I had to get put to sleep to get that day off.. haha.

Kirsten 28/365

Alex loves bath time, especially with bubbles. He "shaves" every night so he can get the "prickles" off his face.

Jennifer 28/365

This is a $5.00 tomato!!!! I saw it and thought it looked interesting and I did not even think to look at the price. Imagine my horror when I looked at the receipt and saw that it was $5.00 and here is the part that really made me angry, it tasted horrible!!!!

Keri-Lyn 28/365

My brother-in-law has a used car lot. This was the result of a hubcap flying off a 18 wheeler driving down the rode. The driver had no idea it came off and hit the car on the lot. Really glad someone wasn't standing around outside!

Rachel 28/365

i heart writing

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keri-Lyn 27/365

Today my coffee cup looked like it was smiling at me and that made me happy!!!

Jennifer 27/365

With all the toys Madison has to play with she chooses to go for the dog's rope toy. Ewwwww!!!!!

Robin 27/365

One of my favorite pictures that I have taken. I'm not a big wine drinker, but I have some friends that are..This picture just makes me think of friendship. There's not much that beats sitting around having a drink with your closest friends. :)

Kirsten 27/365

Aida loves to smile with her whole mouth open! She and Daddy were having fun making faces at each other.

Janice 27/365

This is just a tiny bit of my husband's baseball crap. Opps I mean baseball collectible stuff. It is getting to be that time of year again. Don't get me wrong I love going to the games. I don't love the autograph stuff EVERYWHERE!

Jenn 27/365

I love making a hot breakfast for my girls (makes me feel like a better mom- stupid, right?). So, this morning I gave them a choice Eggs, bacon, & toast or Cereal! You would of thought I offered them Disney tickets as they screamed CEREAL! Here they are enjoying their 'luxury'.

Stacey 27/365

The boys reactions after we got Mason up from his nap and told them it was time for the "CIRCUS!!!"

Rachel 27/365

If only everything was as easy as black and white.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stacey 26/365

Mason chilling at Lowe's. We'll be spending a lot of time there and places like this in the near future.

Jennifer 26/365

Madison has been given several beautiful dresses and outfits that she could not wear when it fit her. This dress for example is a 6 month dress and it is just way too cold for her wear it anywhere so I dressed her up and took a picture so I will at least have that.

Janice 26/365

I love teaching lesson on science and doing experiments. Today we did the "crater drop" to learn about how craters are formed on the moon.

Keri-Lyn 26/365

I don't know how this mess happens!! It's like one day of shoes. I only have two kids and they cannot possibly wear this many shoes in one day.

Jenn 26/365

BitterSweet! I still can't believe I'm posting a pic of my flabby stomach on here- but this sums up my day! I am now wearing the contents of my $5000 box, w/ it's $7000 companion! This is my Insulin Pump w/ its lovely companion, The Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor. Although a WONDERFUL thing that I am very grateful for- it's not pretty to look at and I rarely wear a 2 piece bathing suit anymore! Gotta love being a diabetic! LOL- I really am grateful for these hideous looking things though!

Robin 26/365

my buddy...

Kirsten 26/365

Alex celebrated being in school 100 days today. He had a special shirt covered in his twenty handprints (100 fingers), and they did lots of activities involving the number 100. These are the things he came home with. It looked like he had a lot of fun!

Rachel 26/365

A fun pic of some of my crazy students.

This Week's Theme

I'm going to try to announce the theme for the upcoming weekend as early as I can so that you have time to think about the photo you want to take.  Be creative!  But, don't let it stress you out.  This is all about having fun.  Remember to hold your theme submissions until Saturday or Sunday.

Janice chose the theme for this weekend (January 30 & 31). 

Jenn, next weekend is your pick, so start thinking about what kinds of photos you'd like us to take.

On another note, here's a website you might enjoy.    It's a free photo editing site.  I use it all the time (see 7/365, 11/365, 20/365, 21/365, 23/365).  It makes me look like a much better photographer than I really am lol.  Not saying that your photos aren't gorgeous, but this is a fun site.   (There's also a premium feature you can pay about $5 a month for and get a few added perks, but I've only ever used the free stuff).   If you'd like help navigating the editing options, let me know.

If you have anything photography/blog related, and would like to share it, send me an email and I'll post it.  

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Robin 25/365

Tonight Sheri brought home dinner from my favorite Italian restaurant in Auburn. It's a great place called Provino's. She spoils me. :) I'm gonna hang on to her for a while!

Keri-Lyn 25/365

Had a blast at Dave and Busters Sunday with family and friends.

Jennifer 25/365

You can really see her teeth in this picture! It must hurt so bad but she rarely will let you know. She is also sitting up in this one. She still cannot pull herself up to a seated position but she is doing a good job staying upright when she is up. My sweet girl is getting so big!!!!

Rachel 25/365

This is my favorite cup!  It came from the restaurant where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner.  I call it our wedding china.  We had 4 of them, but one got a hole in it, so now there's only 3.  I really hope they last forever because I love them.