Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Janice: Intro

Hi I’m Janice. I am a new mommy to a 4 month old little boy, Cooper. I am a kindergarten teacher. I am married to Jason, a middle school PE coach. We are big baseball fans, especially the Detroit Tigers and the Royals, only because our favorite player, Vance Wilson is currently with them. Cooper’s middle name Wilson is after Vance Wilson. We enjoy spring training games at Tiger Town in Lakeland, Florida. I am very interested in Space Exploration (past, present and future). I love country music, especially Big Kenny and Rascal Flatts. There is probably a million other important things I forgot about... Cooper is probably going to wake up soon and that is the way my life goes right now. The biggest reason why I decided to participate is to remind myself about what is most important in life and to slow down. It wasn't becuase I have extra time on my hands.

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