Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rachel: Intro

I'm Rachel. I'm 29. I live in Alabama. Most days I love it here; sometimes I can't stand it. I'm married to the most amazing man and we have one little girl, Natalie, who is 2 years old. (She'll probably be the subject of a lot of my photos.)

I teach 9th and 10th grade English at the same high school from which I graduated... Talk about coming home lol.  I'm also the yearbook advisor - which can be a curse and a blessing all in the same day.

I love riding with the windows down, holiday family get togethers, diet dr. pepper, surprising the ones I love with something I know they want, vacations, lip gloss, pedicures, autumn, Natalie's laugh, bonfires, poetry, the beach, fireworks, shopping, and mac n cheese.

I hate poor grammar, rude people, having the bubbles pressed in on the lids of fast food drinks, feeling like I've wasted a day, washing my hair (I do it, but I hate it), hearing the same 10 songs played over and over on the radio, people who call and don't leave messages, the colors purple and yellow, and clutter.

Life is good. It keeps getting better.

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