Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jenn 26/365

BitterSweet! I still can't believe I'm posting a pic of my flabby stomach on here- but this sums up my day! I am now wearing the contents of my $5000 box, w/ it's $7000 companion! This is my Insulin Pump w/ its lovely companion, The Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor. Although a WONDERFUL thing that I am very grateful for- it's not pretty to look at and I rarely wear a 2 piece bathing suit anymore! Gotta love being a diabetic! LOL- I really am grateful for these hideous looking things though!


  1. I wish I had a $12,000 accessory to wear every day. :) Although, this one would not be my first choice. I know you're so glad to have it though. No more worrying about checking your sugar all the time, right?

  2. I'm having to 'relearn' a lot of stuff, which is proving difficult, but yes i am glad to have it. We are getting so much hidden info that is impossible to get otherwise. I only have to check my sugar 2-3 times a day vs. 6-8 times a day now- HUGE DIFFERENCE! This thing checks my sugar every 5 minutes and even gives me a graph on my pump screen so I know whats going on at all times. All though I would rather the $ on my finger!