Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stacey 23/365

Brayden is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and shell fish. He obviously had something this afternoon but we cannot figure out what it was. We THINK it may have been the mac and cheese at McAlisters even though the manager assured us there are no eggs in them. After about 5 bites Brayden tells us there are eggs in them and his mouth itches. His reaction didn't start until several hours after he ate it. Usually they are immediate. I wish this picture showed how bad he really looked. It was horrible. The pink you see was really bright red as was the inside of his ears and he had a rash all over his body. He couldn't stop scratching and had a weird cough. :(


  1. Poor brother was severely allergic to a LOT of things growing up. Fish allergy could've killed him. It was scary..a lot of his reactions would trigger asthmatic reactions, which was VERY scary. I hope he grows out of this. Have you looked into allergy shots?

  2. Did he grow out of them? We're praying he grows out of really stinks! I haven't looked into shots cuz we've been pretty good about watching what he eats and what he's around. He starts kendergarten next year and we wont always be around so I may have to consider it. :(