Monday, February 1, 2010

Jennifer 32/365

I am so thrilled that Madison has stared really loving books and being read to. I want to increase her library and since there are some teachers and moms participating I would love to get suggestions from you all.


  1. I am a kindergarten teacher and I LOVE books! First of all I would recommend anything by Jan Brett. She has incredible art work in her books. I'm sure she would love any kind of touch and feel books. The Big Bear and the Strawberry is fun to read. Napping House is fun to act out or retell. What kind of books does she like so far? Funny? Girlie?... Janice

  2. She loves animal books and books with texture on some of the illustrations. She has a few Priddy books (I think that is what they are called). I will have to find some of Brett's books. Thanks!!!!

  3. I'm HUGE on books! Taught preschool & Kinder. Around that age I bought a ton of little books with simple bright pictures and the word underneath- I bought them in sets and in singles, most of them are Hinkler Books- you can look on, but B 'n N and Books a Million carry them. My 2 year old still loves them! Anything repetitive and with rhythm is wonderful, too!