Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey Ladies,
I want to apologize for not yet posting a few of your submissions.  I've had a crazy headache for the past two days and have spent most of my free time sleeping instead of on the computer.  It's all better now, so my plan is to catch up tonight.  

It's your weekend to choose a theme.  Let me know via email or a comment to this post when you've picked. 

And, again, thank you guys so much for participating in this project with me.  I love looking at and commenting on your photos.  I know how difficult it is sometimes to get photos taken and submitted (I'm about 4 days behind myself), but I really appreciate you not giving up on it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions/likes/dislikes about the way it's going.  We can always make adjustments. 


ps - If you're wondering why I'm posting this but not any of your photos, it's because I'm at work and I can access the blog, but not the email address where you send the pics.  :)  sorry!

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